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Email Templates

Email is a great way to let staff and patrons know about the availability of a new online resource in your library. We are currently in the process of developing HTML templates that can be downloaded and forwarded to relevant staff and patrons, as well as product descriptions, which can be copied and adapted as needed for your own electronic promotional purposes.

If you'd like to be notified when future templates are made available, register for our monthly librarian e-newsletter or contact us.

HTML Templates

Instructions for use

Links to the available HTML templates are provided below. You can either copy and paste the text in to your own branded email templates to adapt as you wish, or if you use Internet Explorer, you can download and send these templates as they are.

  1. Click on the email template below to open the HTML template in Internet Explorer
  2. In the toolbar at the top of the screen click 'Page'
  3. From the list, click 'Send page by email'

This should open the template in your email program in a format ready to send where you can edit the text as necessary (Note: You may need to set up your email as HTML format to display the template correctly).

If you have any trouble downloading the template, please contact us.

HTML Templates

Product Descriptions

The following files include product descriptions and copy that you can use in creating your own email communications or other promotions.