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To help you learn more about Oxford University Press’ online resources, we provide both live and recorded demonstrations.

Live Demos

Join our online product specialists who will give a live GoToTraining demonstration of an online product. Pick up tips, ask questions, and share ideas with other Oxford online subscribers.

What is a GoToTraining Session and why should I attend?

GoToTraining sessions are a form of teleconferencing. They allow users to participate in interactive training sessions using only a computer and a microphone or telephone. Our trainers provide introductions to the resources using clear on-screen examples.

Results have shown a clear rise in usage following librarian training. There is an opportunity to ask questions throughout and interact with other participants. All sessions are relaxed and conversational, so you can participate as much or as little as you want. Our demos are simple to use, free of charge, and open to anyone.

Click here to view our calendar of upcoming live web demo presentations.

Recorded Demos

Can't make one of the live demos? You can still access our recorded product demos.

Please contact us with any questions concerning live demonstrations, scheduling custom or a la carte demos, or any other questions pertaining to our online resources.