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Remote Access to Your Resources

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many people are currently working or learning from their homes. Oxford University Press (OUP) supports a variety of ways for institutions to provide remote access to OUP content. For detailed information about access methods, please consult this Technical Guide for Librarians.

    COVID-19 Free Resources Hub

As part of our response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic across the world, OUP has made content from online resources and leading journals freely accessible to assist researchers, medical professionals, policy makers, and others who are working to address this health crisis. Access our COVID-19 free resources hub for a full list of content from online resources and leading journals made freely accessible for those working to address the coronavirus.

    Online and Remote Access

    • IP Authentication and VPNs

      If IP authentication has been set up at your institution, and you’re accessing on campus network, we authenticate based on the campus network information. If your institution provides remote access via a VPN then this should provide access to your content. Please reach out to your librarian to see if this an option for you
    • EZProxy

      If your library uses EZProxy, you can use this service to access your library’s OUP content. Please reach out to your librarian to determine if this is an option for you.
    • Referring URLs

      Where your institution or society has configured Referring URLs, you may also be able to access content through your Society member or institutional login page. Please reach out to your librarian to see if this an option for you
    • Shibboleth & OpenAthens

      If your institutional Shibboleth access has been activated, users at your institution can choose the "Sign in via your institution" option within the sign in box on each online product’s homepage, in order to access content remotely using their institutional username and password.
      • Librarians - To activate Shibboleth or OpenAthens for your institution, please email us your Organization ID and Entity ID (provided by OpenAthens/Eduserv or your Shibboleth IDP) at the contact details below:

Customers in North & South America

Customers outside North & South America

    Other Access Methods

    • Open Access

      Oxford University Press (OUP) is mission-driven to facilitate the widest possible dissemination of high-quality research. We embrace both green and gold open access (OA) publishing to support this mission. Learn more about Open Access at OUP.
    • Developing Countries Initiative

      As a mission-led, university press publisher, Oxford University Press (OUP) strives for maximum impact and dissemination of our content worldwide. OUP is committed to ensuring that non-profit research institutions in developing nations have access to critical research. OUP participates in a number of developing country access initiatives, including EIFL and Research4Life, as well as our own Developing Countries Offer.