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Inspection copies

Inspection copies for Higher Education Institutions

As a service to lecturers, we make many of our titles available free on inspection, provided that you are teaching a course for which they may be recommended as set texts.

In return, we ask that you give us your feedback by completing and returning this online comment form.

To request an inspection copy, find the book you want in our online catalogue and click on Request an Inspection Copy. If there is no Request an Inspection Copy link, the book is not available on inspection. We will ask you to enter some basic details about your course, and to provide your institutional address for the order.

Please note that:

  • inspection copies are limited to single copies
  • you can only request one title per online request
  • usually an ebook will be supplied, if you specifically want a print version you will need to contact your rep or email us to request one
  • all inspection copies are supplied at the discretion of Oxford University Press
  • depending on your geographical location we may pass your request on to a local OUP branch or agent
  • we may be unable to deliver specific books to certain countries owing to market restrictions
  • at present, we are unable to offer inspection copies to the following regions: Eastern Europe, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Turkey
  • print inspection copies will not be delivered to home addresses

Review copies

We are always interested in hearing from those wishing to write reviews of our books for publication. Before we can send out review copies, we will need certain details about the publication in which the review will appear, for instance:

  • title of the publication
  • circulation figures
  • frequency of publication
  • readership (academics, students, practitioners)
  • review editor
  • postal address for delivery of review copy
  • title, author, and ISBN of the book(s) requested

Please complete our online form to request a review copy for academic titles.

These details are for our information only, and will be kept confidential. Although not all are required fields, we use this information when processing and decisding on the request, as all review copies are sent at the discretion of Oxford University Press.

Please note that it can take up to six weeks from the date requested to receive a review copy.

We ask that you send a copy of the review you have written when it is published, or arrange with the journal to have one sent to us.


Sample pages

You can see sample pages of many of our titles, either as a PDF or via Google Preview. When you land on the product page of one of these titles you will see a link to the PDF sample or a preview icon for Google Preview.

Audio extracts

Some titles, mainly printed music, are illustrated by short audio extracts. When you land on the product page of one of these titles you will see the links.

Lecturer materials

Online study tools are developed by Oxford University Press and its authors to provide students and lecturers with ready-to-use teaching and learning resources; they are housed on our Oxford Learning Link site. The resources are developed to complement the related textbook and vary from site to site.

Materials for libraries

Please visit our Librarians Resource Centre for details of our available materials.

Materials for booksellers

Please visit our Booksellers Resource Centre for details of our available materials.

Sales representative visit

To view a complete listing of OUP contacts, broken down by department, have a look at our Contact Us pages. You can then filter down by department and region to find the relevant sales representative, and email them directly.

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