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Election 2020 Resources from OUP

2020 marks an election year for the United States, as the country sets out to decide who will be its leader for the next four years. Leading up to November 3, this page will be periodically updated with OUP resources focusing on topics being discussed both nationally and internationally.

Explore book chapters, journal articles, and relevant resources to gain insights into two key issues impacting the US today—the government and elections.

For the most up to date information on available OUP resources, follow our political science team at @OUPPolitics on Twitter.

Additional resources focused on immigration and racial inequality, news and media, terrorism, foreign policy, military and war, healthcare, LGBTQ, gender, the economy, the environment, trade, criminal justice, cybersecurity, and gun violence are available via the left navigation menu.

OUP resources focused on COVID-19 and coronavirus are located on our informational hub.