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The Wesleyan Edition of the works of Henry Fielding, prepared under the supervision of an Advisory Board of distinguished British and American scholars, aims to establish, and make available, an authoritative text of the entire canon of Fielding's writings.
Such a text has long been needed. Fielding is less fully understood than other major Augustan figures; scholarship has done less well by him than it has done by Pope or Swift or Johnson; and a principal reason has been the lack of a reliable version of almost all his work. l The Wesleyan Edition is specifically planned to meet the requirements of modern scholarship. As far as possible, its volumes arrange the cannon chronologically within genres. In the absence of manuscript sources, the texts are based on the first editions, rationalized according to the most rigorous standards of current biographical practice. The explanatory annotations are as full as the characteristically allusive and topical nature of Fielding's work requires. The ap

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