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Very Short Introductions can change the way you think about the things that interest you, and are the perfect introduction to subjects you previously knew nothing about. Because of this, they have proven to be extremely popular with general readers, as well as students and their lecturers.

Very Short Introductions are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make often challenging topics highly readable.

So, where's the gap in your knowledge? ...

Many of our VSIs have a complimentary Reading Guide, written by our authors. Whether you are part of a reading group wanting to discuss non-fiction books or you are eager to further your thinking on a Very Short Introduction, these reading guides, written by our expert authors, will provoke discussions and help you to question again, why you think what you think. Reading guides, if available, can be accessed from the VSI product page.

"I absolutely LOVE the VSI series. It's just so well produced - excellent writing and interesting topics. Just a superb overall series to dive into." - Grrl Scientist, The Guardian

"I love the Very Short Introduction Series as should everyone who is interested in the history of ideas. They manage to straddle that difficult line between making the complex accessible without ever compromising on quality. The sheer range of subjects covered make the series an invaluable asset for anyone trying to understand the development of human thought. They are a must-go-to gateway for those of us keen to know more but needing a steer as to where to start." - Claire Fox, Director, Institute of Ideas

"The Oxford University Press VSI series has now surpassed 300 volumes, making it to non-fiction what Penguin Books have always been for literature." - Jim Cullen, History News Network

"Expert, concise but far from bland, Oxford's 'Very Short Introductions' series must rank by now as a thinking reader's Wikipedia" - Boyd Tonkin, The Independent

"Great price, beautifully designed and produced, authoritative content and inviting subjects covered - if only all publishing hit these heights." - The Bookseller

"a fascinating series of 'all you need to know' introductions by experts to complex topics" - The Times

"The Very Short Introductions are fantastically informative books..." - Big Issue in the North

"I am addicted to this series of pocket-portable introductory lectures." - Guardian Review

"these Very Short Introductions have a style and integrity all of their own" - Scotsman

"a thoroughly good idea. Snappy, small format ... stylish design ... perfect to pop in your pocket for spare moments" - Lisa Jardine, The Times

"series of instantly accessible handbooks that neither shame our ignorance nor frighten us with their erudition. All are to be applauded" - Oxford Times

"if theres anything you ever wanted to know more about ... grab yourself one of these little beauties." - Sarky Cutt, Greenwich University

"These perfect books form a solid grounding in various subjects, stretching from the Bible and the Koran, to Social and Cultural Anthropology ... interesting, informative and concise, they combine to make a beautiful set. They will broaden your studies, widen your knowledge and maybe give you a chance of winning those pub quizzes once in a while!" - The Beaver, LSE

"would make a useful addition to any bookshelf, and their size makes them ideal for carrying around" - Humanist Philosophers Group

"attractively packaged and, very importantly these days ... attractively priced. They are the sort of books that can be read in a couple of evenings but repay further study." - The Philosophers Review

"terrific series" - BBC History Magazine

"always invigorating" - Independent on Sunday

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