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TRANSFORMATIONS IN GOVERNANCE is a major new academic book series, designed to accommodate the impressive growth of research in comparative politics, international relations, public policy, federalism, and environmental and urban studies concerned with the dispersion of authority. It brings together work that significantly advances our understanding of the organization, causes, and consequences of multilevel and complex governance.
The series targets mainly single-authored or co-authored work, but it is pluralistic in terms of disciplinary specialization, research design, method, and geographical scope. Case studies as well as comparative studies, historical or contemporary studies, and studies with a national, regional, or international focus are all central to its aims. Authors use qualitative, quantitative, formal modeling, or mixed methods. A trademark of the books is that they combine scholarly rigor with readable prose and an attractive production style.

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Community, Scale, and Regional Governance

A Postfunctionalist Theory of Governance, Volume II


Liesbet Hooghe and Gary Marks

18 October 2016
Transformations in Governance

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Organizational Progeny

Why Governments are Losing Control over the Proliferating Structures of Global Governance


Tana Johnson

14 October 2014
Transformations in Governance

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Rules without Rights

Land, Labor, and Private Authority in the Global Economy


Tim Bartley

22 April 2018
Transformations in Governance

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Voluntary Disruptions

International Soft Law, Finance, and Power


Abraham L. Newman and Elliot Posner

15 May 2018
Transformations in Governance

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