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Although it is generally accepted that hormones have a profound influence on behavior, it is not always appreciated that endocrine activity can also be influenced by behavioral and physical experiences of various sorts that are processed by the central nervous system. Hormone-behavior relationships are, therefore, just one component of the complex interaction of hormones, brain, and behavior. Researchers have recently begun to examine these relationships by simultaneously manipulating circulating hormone concentrations in the blood, assessing the neural site of these hormones' actions, elucidating the associated neural circuit, and measuring the behavioral consequences of hormonally induced changes in neural activity. The Oxford Series in Behavioral Neuroendocrinology will provide books that highlight these multidisciplinary approaches to discovering how hormones influence brain functions, integrate and interpret research from diverse disciplines in both the biological and behavioral sciences, discuss and analyze methodological challenges, and consider the implications of this body of basic research for clinical problems, such as mood disorders, sexual dysfunction, and violent behavior.

Gregory F. Ball, Johns Hopkins University; Jacques Balthazart, University of Liege; and Randy J. Nelson, Ohio State University

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