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The Series in Affective Science is dedicated to publishing the best scholarship and research in the emerging interdisciplinary area of affective science. The series publishes monographs and edited volumes that span the complete range of theory and empirical investigation in affective science, with an emphasis on leading edge scientific approaches to this topic. Research in affective neuroscience, on the genetics, evolution, and ontogenetic development of emotion, on the socio-cultural context of emotion processes, on different modalities of emotional expression, on the relationship between cognition and emotion, on the effects of personality, values, and attitudes on affective processes, and on the links between emotion and psychopathology and health are examples of the wide range of topics that are represented in the series.

The volumes published in this series are of interest to advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and investigators as well as trainees and professionals working in the affective science areas of psychology, psychiatry, the neurosciences, neurology, zoology, anthroplogy, sociology, and economics.

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Pleasures of the Brain



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The Emotional Power of Music



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The Psychology of Gratitude



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Thinking About Feeling



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What the Face Reveals



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Who Needs Emotions?



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