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The Qur'an has been an inexhaustible source of intellectual and spiritual reflection in Islamic history, giving rise to ever-proliferating commentaries and interpretations. Many of these have remained a realm for specialists due to their scholarly demands. Others, more widely read, remain untranslated from the primary language of their composition. This series aims to make some of these materials from a broad chronological range - the fomative centuries of Islam to the present day - available to a wider readership through translation and publication in English, accompanied where necessary by introductory or explanatory materials. The series will also include contextual-analytical and survey studies of these primary materials.
Throughout this series and other like it which may appear in the future, the aim is to allow the materials to speak for themselves. Not surprisingly, in the Muslim world, where its scriptural sources continue to command passionate interest and commitment, the Qur'an has been

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