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David Hames was one of the originators of The Practical Approach Series in 1981, when the first volume, Gel Electrophoresis of Proteins, was published by IRL Press. Since then over 185 volumes have been published in the series, with total sales of over 700,000 copies.

The series has undergone continuous improvement in response to the requirements of users. Nevertheless, the goals for each book remain unchanged: to provide background information, detailed step-by-step protocols, typical data, hints and tips for success, troubleshooting guides, and key literature references for active researchers. Each book is designed to be as valuable to researchers using the techniques for the first time as it is to more experienced workers in the area of study. The key to the success of the series lies in the quality of its authors and editors; they are themselves active researchers who know what works and what does not and can give readers first-hand help and advice gleaned from their own considerable laboratory experience.

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Series Editor: Dr B. David Hames of the University of Leeds

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