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Past and Present has a long history of publishing books and collections of essays reflective of the broad themes and ethos of the journal itself. Encompassing a range of scholarly and original works primarily concerned with social, economic and cultural changes, their causes and consequences, these volumes endeavour to communicate the results of innovative historical and allied research in readable and lively form to a wide audience. The Past and Present Publications series was established in 1976 and comprises more than 70 books by both established and early career scholars. In 2009, the monograph series was re-launched with Oxford University Press as the Past and Present Book Series. Transcending chronological and geographical boundaries, the purpose of the series is to publish high-quality, cutting-edge work that has an appeal outside the specialist area of the author. Collections of essays are now primarily published via the Past and Present Supplement series: journals/past/supplement

The first book in the new Past and Present Book Series was Joanna Innes, Inferior Politics: Social Problems and Social Policies in Eighteenth-Century Britain (Oxford, 2009).

The second book in the series, Peter Coss, The Foundations of Gentry Culture: The Multons of Frampton and their World 1270-1370, was published in March 2010.

Future titles will include Michael Ostling, Imagining Witchcraft in Early Modern Poland.

We welcome proposals for possible publication in the series. Please contact the General Editor of the series in the first instance:

Alice Rio
Department of History
King's College London
London WC2R 2LS


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Between the Devil and the Host



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Inferior Politics



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Malleable Anatomies



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The Foundations of Gentry Life



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The Politics of Reproduction



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