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The award-winning Piano Time is a hugely successful series for all budding pianists, taking young pupils from their very first lesson up to around Grade 3 standard. With a full range of carefully paced and attractive books - teaching and technique books, pieces and duets - Piano Time is an enjoyable way to teach and learn the piano. There are books to suit every young beginner, all full of beautifully crafted pieces pupils will love. The breadth of material, superbly written by the very best composers and arrangers, will encourage musicality and improve technique. Bright, attractive covers and witty illustrations add the finishing touch.

"Colourful and well presented, the series offers a range of music for young players." - The Observer, 12 October 08

"The material in these books is excellent. The games, puzzles, illustrations and words of the songs highlight the fun aspect in learning the piano whilst being also educational, offering suggestions for playing, advice on hand position and how to practise . . . a breath of fresh air for teachers and pupils alike." - Piano Journal

"The tutors move at a good pace and both they and the repertoire books have added pieces and pictures with some particularly characterful contributions from Alan Bullard." - Pamela Lidiard, EPTA Piano Professional, Jan 05

"Chaque cahier est agrémenté d'une vaste sélection de jeux, puzzles, et autres illustrations: une facon ludique et plaisante d'acquérir dès le départ des bases pianistiques et solfégiques." - La lettre du Musicien, April 1997

Pauline Hall, Series Editor

Pauline Hall graduated from the Royal Academy of Music and then taught in schools and privately. Whilst living and teaching in Harrogate she felt the need for a piano tutor which made learning fun, and which progressed at the pace of her slowest learner. She started by writing little tunes in pupils' notebooks, and these formed the basis of Tunes for Ten Fingers; the Piano Time series developed from this.

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