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During the past 25 years, research on deafness has grown dramatically in quality, quantity, and recognition of its relevance to other domains. In particular, investigations involving deaf adults and children are now of considerable importance for those interested in both normal and atypical development, language, socio-emotional functioning, cognition, learning, and neurological function. The relationship between deafness research and education, linguistics, literacy, mental health, audiology, speech, and culture has captured increasing attention from a variety of investigators. Perspectives on Deafness is dedicated to publishing authored and edited books that present the leading research and service provision on all topics relating to individuals with hearing loss.

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Innovation in Deaf Studies: The Role of Deaf Scholars


Annelies Kusters, Maartje De Meulder, Dai OBrien

14 June 2017
Perspectives on Deafness

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Research in Deaf Education

Contexts, Challenges, and Considerations


Stephanie Cawthon, Carrie Lou Garberoglio

31 July 2017
Perspectives on Deafness

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