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The Oxford Studies In Probability Series includes texts and monographs covering many topics of current research interest in theoretical and applied probability. The ideal topic is one that has been at the forefront of research interest for several years and where the author, as a result of extensive research, can provide a welcome distillation of essential ideas. In book form this material will reach a wider audience than the specialist journals.

Oxford University Press welcomes enquiries from prospective authors. We ask authors to send in proposals in detailed form which should include the following: a statement of the objectives and scope of the book; the intended readership; some notes about how the book relates to existing texts; an estimate of the intended length; a list of chapter headings; and, if possible, one or two draft chapters. Standard project proposal forms are available on request from the address below.

P. Baxendale, University of Southern California, USA, P. Greenwood, University of British Columbia, Canada, F. P. Kelly, University of Cambridge, UK, and E. Pardoux, University of Provence, France

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Functional Gaussian Approximation for Dependent Structures


Florence Merlevède, Magda Peligrad, Sergey Utev

05 March 2019
Oxford Studies in Probability

Cover for 9780198534990

Limit Theorems of Probability Theory

Sequences of Independent Random Variables


Valentin V. Petrov

27 April 1995
Oxford Studies in Probability

Cover for 9780198522355

Poisson Approximation


A. D. Barbour, Lars Holst, Svante Janson

27 February 1992
Oxford Studies in Probability

Cover for 9780198536932

Poisson Processes


J. F. C. Kingman

17 December 1992
Oxford Studies in Probability

Cover for 9780198506263

Random Geometric Graphs


Mathew Penrose

01 May 2003
Oxford Studies in Probability

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