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The books in this series ask where women are and where gender is in the events, interactions, and structures of global politics. Individually, they show that studying gender adds theoretical and explanatory richness to theorizing. Collectively, they demonstrate that feminist work constitutes a paradigmatic research program with which scholars, students, and practitioners of global politics should engage.

Rather than just looking at gender as something specific to "women's issues" in global politics, this series combines theoretical and empirical analyses to challenge all International Relations (IR) scholars to take account of gender across the subject matters in global politics and policy-makers to make better policy by noticing the gender-differential impacts of supposedly "neutral" policies.

The series includes and encourages work in comparative politics, political economy, security, environmental politics, foreign policy analysis, development studies, international political sociology and other disciplines that deal with key issues in global politics through gender lenses.

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Cosmopolitan Sex Workers



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From Global to Grassroots



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Scandalous Economics



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