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The Oxford Statistical Science Series is established and authoritative. It includes texts and monographs covering many topics of current research interest in pure and applied statistics. The ideal topic is one that has been at the forefront of research interest for several years and where the author, as a result of extensive research, can provide a welcome distillation of essential ideas. Each title has an original slant even if the material included is not specifically original. The topic, exposition and style of the book are such that there should be individual as well as library interest. The authors are leading researchers and the topics covered will be of interest to all professional statisticians, whether they are in industry, government departments or research institutes.

Oxford University Press welcomes enquiries from prospective authors. We ask authors to send in proposals in detailed form which should include the following: a statement of the objectives and scope of the book; the i

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Non-Linear Time Series

A Dynamical System Approach


Howell Tong

05 August 1993
Oxford Statistical Science Series

Cover for 9780198533719

Plots, Transformations, and Regression

An Introduction to Graphical Methods of Diagnostic Regression Analysis


A. C. Atkinson

31 December 1987
Oxford Statistical Science Series

Cover for 9780198507086

Principles of Multivariate Analysis

A User's Perspective

Revised Edition


W. J. Krzanowski

28 December 2000
Oxford Statistical Science Series

Cover for 9780198565826

The Statistical Evaluation of Medical Tests for Classification and Prediction


Margaret Sullivan Pepe

16 December 2004
Oxford Statistical Science Series

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