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The field of visual cognition brings together experimental, computational and neuroscientific perspectives in an attempt to understand vision, particularly high-level vision. Research topics include the perception of properties such as depth, motion, color, texture, symmetry and surfaces, and the combination of cues relevant to the perception of these properties; perceptual organization, context effects, the operation of visual attention, memory and imagery; the integration of visual information over time, and the associated phenomena of change blindness and change detection; the perception of faces, objects, scenes and words; perceptual plasticity, learning, and expertise in these, and other domains such as reading. Broader issues include the modularity of perception, the integration of vision with other perceptual modalities, and the visual guidance of action. The Oxford Series in Visual Cognition is dedicated to publishing authored and edited books that contain the leading research on these topics. These books will be essential reference works for students and professional researchers in perception, cognitive psychology, computational vision, and the visual neurosciences.

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Fitting the Mind to the World

Adaptation and After-Effects in High-Level Vision


Colin W. G. Clifford and Gillian Rhodes

14 July 2005
Oxford Series in Visual Cognition

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From Perception to Consciousness

Searching with Anne Treisman


Jeremy Wolfe and Lynn Robertson

17 April 2012
Oxford Series in Visual Cognition

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People Watching

Social, Perceptual, and Neurophysiological Studies of Body Perception


Kerri Johnson and Maggie Shiffrar

04 December 2012
Oxford Series in Visual Cognition

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Visual Memory


Steven J. Luck and Andrew Hollingworth

10 September 2008
Oxford Series in Visual Cognition

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