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In developmental cognitive neuroscience, researchers aim to use the mechanisms of neural development and plasticity as an inspiration for cognitive-level models of developmental change. The success of this field has generated much interest in the neighbouring fields of cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, developmental psychology, pediatrics, and child psychiatry. Work in developmental cognitive neuroscience has also brought about major advances in our general understanding of development: Neuroimaging tools are generating surprising observations about development that force a re-thinking of prevailing views. Connectionist and neural network models provide tools for the exploration of different theories about the extent and nature of plasticity during development. Studies that compare typical and atypical developmental trajectories allow us to examine the scope and limits of plasticity. The Oxford Series in Cognitive Development will focus on these advances and present the leading research on psychological development from the all the main perspectives, including neuroscience, neuroimaging, cognitive development, computational modelling, and developmental disorders.

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