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The Oxford Psychiatry Library is an exciting series of pocketbooks for clinicians, trainees and other mental health care professionals covering broader areas of the specialty, including depression and psychosis, and subspecialist topics such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Each practical, evidence-based volume includes chapters covering clinical features, pathophysiology, and management, and brings the reader up to date on current developments.

Key features:

  • An invaluable introduction for trainees and nurses and a handy ready reference for general psychiatrists
  • Each book summarizes up-to-date research literature in a style that has direct clinical application for busy healthcare professionals
  • The authors of each volume are all internationally acclaimed researchers in psychiatry
  • Use of the inside covers for quick look-up material
  • Includes numerous tables/figures/algorithms

    A selection of these print titles are als

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