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Series Editors
Paul B. Miller (University of Notre Dame) and John Oberdiek (Rutgers University)

Advisory Board
Marietta Auer (Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory)
Molly Brady (Harvard University)
Hanoch Dagan (University of California, Berkeley)
John Goldberg (Harvard University)
Matthew Harding (University of Melbourne)
Irit Samet-Porat (King's College London)
Seana Shiffrin (University of California, Los Angeles)

Oxford Private Law Theory publishes leading work in private law theory. It commissions and solicits monographs and edited collections in general private law theory as well as specific fields, including the theoretical analysis of tort law, property law, contract law, fiduciary law, trust law, remedies and restitution, and the law of equity. The series is open to diverse theoretical perspectives, including those informed by philosophy, economics, history, and political theory. Oxford Private Law Theory sets the standard for rigorous and original work in private law theory.

In addition to monographs and edited collections, Oxford Private Law Theory publishes Oxford Studies in Private Law Theory, a biennial series that showcases the best article-length work across private law theory. The series publishes exceptional work, selected in part through a call for papers, exploring the full range of private law's domains and doctrines-including contract, property, tort, and fiduciary law as well as equity, unjust enrichment, and remedies-and employing diverse methodological approaches to individual areas of private law as well as to private law in general.

Consonant with Oxford University Press's commitment to diversity and inclusion, all proposed Oxford Private Law Theory collections, including Oxford Studies in Private Law Theory, are evaluated in part by whether they are inclusive of underrepresented groups in the field, including along dimensions of gender, race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, sexual identity, and national origin.

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Cover for 9780190865269

Civil Wrongs and Justice in Private Law


Paul B. Miller and John Oberdiek

02 March 2020
Oxford Private Law Theory

Cover for 9780198851356

Oxford Studies in Private Law Theory: Volume I


Paul B Miller and John Oberdiek

15 January 2021
Oxford Private Law Theory

Cover for 9780192857330

Private Law and Practical Reason

Essays on John Gardner's Private Law Theory


Haris Psarras and Sandy Steel

08 March 2023
Oxford Private Law Theory

Cover for 9780199229772

Rights, Wrongs, and Injustices

The Structure of Remedial Law


Stephen A. Smith

07 January 2020
Oxford Private Law Theory

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