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The Oxford Logic Guides is an outstanding series for logicians, mathematicians, computer scientists and philosophers which fosters in-depth knowledge and interdisciplinary studies alike. It includes texts and monographs providing material for the study of logic at an intermediate level along with authoritative reference works.

Texts should be suitable for graduate or post-graduate studies. They bridge, ideally, the gap between elementary and advanced studies and may include a presentation of new results. The ideal topic of a monograph is one that has been at the forefront of research interest for several years and where the author can provide a polished distillation of essential ideas. The topic, exposition, and style of each book should be such that there is individual as well as library interest.

Oxford University Press welcomes enquiries from prospective authors. We ask authors to send in proposals in detailed form which should include the following: a statement of the objectives and scope of the book; the intended readership; some notes about how the book relates to existing texts; an estimate of the intended length; a list of chapter headings; and, if possible, one or two draft chapters. Standard project proposal forms are available on request from the address below.

A. J. Macintyre, University of Edinburgh and D. Scott, Carnegie-Mellon University, USA

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Cover for 9780199237180

Category Theory

Second Edition


Steve Awodey

17 June 2010
Oxford Logic Guides

Cover for 9780199652600

Computability and Randomness


André Nies

29 March 2012
Oxford Logic Guides

Cover for 9780198514732

Elementary Categories, Elementary Toposes


Colin McLarty

27 April 1995
Oxford Logic Guides

Cover for 9780199609161

Set Theory

Boolean-Valued Models and Independence Proofs

Third Edition


John L. Bell

05 May 2011
Oxford Logic Guides

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