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The aim of the Oxford Lecture Series is to publish short books that could provide the content of a course of lectures at approximately the first-year graduate level. They need not, and indeed usually would not, be the last word on the subject. Instead they should emphasize future directions of research. There is no restriction on the mathematical topic but the emphasis is on attractive, genuine applications of the subject, particularly topics in the natural sciences. Mathematical modelling features, as do applications to finance, engineering, and the physical and biological sciences. Occasionally the applications may not be the main thrust and the author's aim may be to give concise, self-contained, but accessible accounts of a particular aspect of a subject.

The series is international in terms of authorship and marketing. These books should appeal to individuals-graduate student or researcher-who want a well-written account of mathematics that is fundamental to current research.


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Analysis of Hamiltonian PDEs



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Codes and Algebraic Curves



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Graphs and Homomorphisms



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