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The Oxford Labour Law series (formerly known as the Oxford Monographs on Labour Law series) has come to represent a significant contribution to the literature of British, European, and international labour law. The series recognizes the arrival not only of a renewed interest in labour law generally, but also the need for fresh approaches to the study of labour law following a period of momentous change in the UK and Europe. The series is concerned with all aspects of collective labour law and individual employment law, including the growing role of human rights and discrimination in employment. It is concerned also with the influence of politics and economics in shaping labour law, as well as the importance of legal theory and international labour standards. Recent titles address developments in multiple jurisdictions.

Series Editors: Professor Alan Bogg (University of Bristol Law School), Professor Anne Davies (University of Oxford, Faculty of Law), Professor Keith Ewing (School of Law, King's College London), and Mark Freedland (University of Oxford, Faculty of Law).

Bogg |i Professor Alan |a University of Bristol Law School, Davies |i Professor Anne |a University of Oxford, Faculty of Law, Ewing |i Professor Keith |a School of Law, King's College London, and Freedland |i Mark |a University of Oxford, Faculty of Law

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