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A medical-specialty series, the books are flexicover titles in a 4 x 7 trim size.
From the web site ( The Oxford Handbooks give you immediate access to the detailed clinical information you need--on the wards, for reference, or for revision. It's easy to find the topic you are looking for, with our topic-per-page layout, color-coded contents list on the back cover, book marks and useful indexes. The Oxford Handbooks are reprinted and revised often to keep them up to date; they are evidence-based; and most feature a section on emergencies. There are blank pages to add your own notes or local information. Illustrations, 'key points' boxes and algorithms support learning.
The Handbooks are developed using extensive market research, and they are all checked by specialist senior readers to ensure that they are reliable. Readers' views are important to us and your feedback is encouraged; there is a blank 'comments card' in every book, and comments can also be given via our online comment form.
Junior co-authors ensure that the books reflect readers' needs and 'tell medicine like it is'. We welcome applications from final-year medical students, PRHOs and SHOs who would like to be considered as junior authors, or advisers.
We plan to publish new Oxford Handbooks (as well as regular new editions), until the series covers all the major medical specialties.

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