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Launched in 2006, the Oxford Handbooks in Nursing is a series of practical, evidenced-based pocket guides to nursing practice. For many years the Oxford Handbooks written for doctors have been bestsellers, offering pocket-sized, practical and reliable advice on a whole range of medical specialties. After much research, development and planning, OUP can now offer the same top-quality content to nurses. Written by experienced nurses and targeted at both student and practising nurses in all care settings, we are confident that these books will prove exactly what nurses need to deliver an excellent standard of care.

All aspects of nursing
The Oxford Handbooks in Nursing give concise, practical and expert advice on all aspects of the nurse's role. They are comprehensive and reliable guides to patient care, from the initial assessment, to discharge and continuing care. They also give up-to-date advice on the role of the nurse working in a multidisciplinary team and as manager, team leader and co-ordinator of care.

Invaluable information
Helping you achieve the best possible results for your patients, the authors offer a wealth of recommendations, hints and tips from their years of experience. Whatever situation you are in, the Oxford Handbooks in Nursing will give you the information you need. Starting with the fundamentals of good patient care, they cover the vast majority of clinical scenarios you will encounter. They also offer advice on performing relevant tests and procedures, investigations with normal ranges, common drugs, emergency situations, rare cases and how to manage unexpected events.

Clear layout
So you can find the information you need without delay, the books are clearly laid out, with a host of useful features:

  • One topic per double-page spread, so you can find information quickly
  • An easily readable note-based writing style, with illustrations to aid understanding
  • Blank space for writing notes, observations and local protocols, allowing your handbook to be customised to meet your specific needs
  • A portable, pocket-sized format

    Whether you need a comprehensive introduction to your chosen area, or a reliable resource to dip into when the need arises, the Oxford Handbooks in Nursing are for you.

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