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The aim of the Oxford Graduate Texts Series is to publish textbooks suitable for graduate students in mathematics and its applications. The level of books ranges from some suitable for advanced undergraduate courses at one end, to others of interest to research workers. The emphasis is on texts of high mathematical quality in active areas, particularly areas that are not well represented in the literature at present.

The series is international in terms of authorship and marketing. These books should appeal to individuals-graduate students or researchers-who want a well-written account of mathematics that is fundamental to current research.

Oxford University Press welcomes enquiries from prospective authors. We ask authors to send in proposals in detailed form which should include the following: a statement of the objectives and scope of the book; the intended readership; some notes about how the book relates to existing texts; an estimate of the intended length; a list of chapter headings; and, if possible, one or two draft chapters. Standard project proposal forms are available on request from the address below.

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Cover for 9780199202492
Cover for 9780199206520

Algebraic Models in Geometry



Cover for 9780199676163
Cover for 9780199605873

Differential Geometry



Cover for 9780199227303

Experimental Number Theory



Cover for 9780199676774

Integrable Systems



Cover for 9780199206544
Cover for 9780199203154
Cover for 9780198794905
Cover for 9780199202515

Lie Groups



Cover for 9780199603398

Matroid Theory



Cover for 9780199215416
Cover for 9780198790433

Real Analysis



Cover for 9780199606740

Riemann Surfaces



Cover for 9780199215591
Cover for 9780198570639
Cover for 9780199657070
Cover for 9780199202485

Topology: A Geometric Approach



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