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A brand new series from OUP, the Oxford Clinical Imaging Guides are specifically designed to help clinicians master imaging techniques. Each guide explains the principles and practice of using imaging in an easy-to-read, highly-illustrated and authoritative manner. Online access to accompanying video clips and other curated content is provided with every guide.
BL Relevant to professional standards
Content is mapped to the relevant training or exam syllabus in the UK, Europe, and/or US, teaching practitioners exactly what they need to know. A clear distinction between basic and advanced skills is provided.
BL Evidence based
Chapters capture the latest developments and are based on recent literature reviews
BL A practical focus on day-to-day needs
Experienced educators use clear step-by-step techniques to emphasize problem solving and patient safety. They highlight potential dangers and offer solutions, enabling readers to assimilate ultrasound into their everyday practice.
BL Aids assessment and diagnosis
Teaches readers how to use imaging techniques and interpret images to quickly, safely, and accurately diagnose patients. Extensive illustrations demonstrate normal and abnormal findings.
BL Videos
Accompanying video clips and annotated images help learners recognise standard views and pathologies and demonstrate how to perform imaging techniques.
BL Reader and revision friendly
Summary tables, bullet points, and illustrations convey key information quickly and helps revision for accreditation

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