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The books in the renowned Oxford Chemistry Primers series provide accessible accounts of a range of essential topics in chemistry and chemical engineering.

Written with students in mind, these books offer just the right level of detail for undergraduate study, and are invaluable as a source of material commonly presented in lectures.

Cutting-edge examples and applications throughout the texts show the relevance of the chemistry being described to current research and industry.

Additional learning features, including questions at the end of every chapter and online multiple-choice questions, encourage active learning and promote understanding.

Diagrams, margin notes, further reading, and glossary definitions also help to enhance a student's understanding of these essential areas of chemistry.

Online resources accompany the series to give additional support:
For lecturers: BLDownloadable figures from the book
For students: BLMultiple-choice questions for self-d

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Electrode Dynamics



Cover for 9780198556848

Electrode Potentials



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Heat Transfer



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