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Oxford University Press is proud to publish the Oxford Case Histories, a series of peer-reviewed cases gathered from the Oxford Hospitals.
Sample pilot exit exams have shown a strong bias towards case-based questions. Although 'student-centred learning' is encouraged, until now there are few books available to direct trainees preparing for exit examinations or wishing to undertake case-based learning as part of private study.
While there is no substitute for standard texts in medical education, it is through the study of individual patients that clinicians gain the necessary skills for confident and competent diagnosis and management of medical problems. In recognition of this, there has been a recent move towards case-based learning in medicine at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level.
Core curricula have been developed for all the medical specialties together with a generic curriculum that applies to all trainees intending to become consultant physicians. Mandatory knowledge and performance-based assessments, including exit exams, are being developed in order to ensure that trainees meet the required standard prior to being awarded a certificate of completion of training (CCT).
The new Oxford Case Histories series covers a wide range of specialties and the books are aimed at the post-graduate market (MRCP and above).

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Neurological Case Histories

Case Histories in Acute Neurology and the Neurology of General Medicine


Sarah T Pendlebury, Philip Anslow, Peter M Rothwell

08 February 2007
Oxford Case Histories

Cover for 9780198704867

Oxford Case Histories in Anaesthesia


Jon McCormack, Keith Kelly

18 December 2014
Oxford Case Histories

Cover for 9780199556786

Oxford Case Histories in Cardiology


Rajkumar Rajendram, Javed Ehtisham, Colin Forfar

31 March 2011
Oxford Case Histories

Cover for 9780199557899

Oxford Case Histories in Gastroenterology and Hepatology


Alissa J. Walsh, Otto C. Buchel, Jane Collier, Simon P.L. Travis

04 March 2010
Oxford Case Histories

Cover for 9780199699261

Oxford Case Histories in Geriatric Medicine


Sanja Thompson, Nicola Lovett, John Grimley Evans, Sarah Pendlebury

17 December 2015
Oxford Case Histories

Cover for 9780199599837

Oxford Case Histories in Neurosurgery


Harutomo Hasegawa, Matthew Crocker, Pawan Singh Minhas

21 March 2013
Oxford Case Histories

Cover for 9780199556373

Oxford Case Histories in Respiratory Medicine


John Stradling, Andrew Stanton, Najib M. Rahman, Annabel H. Nickol, Helen E. Davies

15 July 2010
Oxford Case Histories

Cover for 9780199587506

Oxford Case Histories in Rheumatology


Joel David, Anne Miller, Anushka Soni, Lyn Williamson

27 October 2011
Oxford Case Histories

Cover for 9780199539345

Oxford Case Histories in TIA and Stroke


Sarah T. Pendlebury, Ursula G. Schulz, Aneil Malhotra, Peter M. Rothwell

26 January 2012
Oxford Case Histories

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