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There are many commentaries on individual books of the Bible but the reader who wishes to take a broader view has less choice. This series is intended to meet this need. Each volume embraces a number of biblical books. To provide general orientation, there are two volumes of a more introductory character: one considers the Old Testament in its cultural and historical context, the other the New Testament, discussing the origins of Christianity. Four columes deal thematically with different kinds of material in the Old Testament: narrative, prophecy, poetry/psalmody, wisdom and law. Three handle different aspects of the New Testament: from the Gospels, Paul and Pauline Christianity, to varieties of New Testament thought. An additional volume looks at the nature of biblical interpretation, covering both Testaments.
Discussion in detail of selected biblical passages provides examples of the ways in which the interpretation if the text makes possible deeper understanding of the wider issues, both theol

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Biblical Interpretation



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Pauline Christianity



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The Gospels and Jesus



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The Origins of Christianity



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