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OXFORD ASSESS AND PROGRESS: your prescription for exam success

From the home of the seminal Oxford Handbooks comes the brand new Oxford Assess and Progress series - a groundbreaking development in the area of medical student self assessment texts. With a number of unique features the titles have been designed as much a formative learning resource as a self assessment one. All questions have been specifically commissioned for the series - written by practising clinicians, extensively peer reviewed by students and their teachers, and accurate and in line with modern testing formats and best assessment practice.

  • SBAs and EMQs test clinical topics and core professional themes
  • Over 350 questions in each guide with varying levels of difficulty and competence
  • The rationale behind correct answers is explained with references to the relevant Oxford Handbook directing you to additional information
  • Concise supporting text unlocks each subject and offers key assessment advice

    ""Brilliantly laid out, highly relevant questions with succinct and well-referenced answers, saving me precious time during finals revision." Ryan Dhunnookchand, Student, UCL"

    ""Great for finals revision - and with the start rating system showing the level of knowledge expected at different stages of training it will be invaluable for years to come!" Laura Barnfield, Student, University of Manchester"

    ""Reading through and attempting the questions helped consolidate what I did know, whilst the answers and explanations really cemented the concepts". Duncan Shrewsbury, Student, University of Birmingham"

    ""this is an exciting way to not only be tested in formats that you need to practice but more importantly to learn what you really need to know." Dr Julian Archer, Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry"

    ""A wide ranging and comprehensive set of self-assessment questions" Dr Michael Schachter, Imperial College London"

    Series editors Katharine Boursicot, Reader in Medical Education, St George's, University of London and David Sales, Consultant in Medical Assessment

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    Cover for 9780198825173

    Oxford Assess and Progress: Clinical Dentistry


    Nicholas Longridge, Pete Clarke, Raheel Aftab, Tariq Ali, Katharine Boursicot, David Sales

    08 August 2019
    Oxford Assess and Progress

    Cover for 9780198812968

    Oxford Assess and Progress: Clinical Medicine

    Third Edition


    Dan Furmedge, Rudy Sinharay

    23 January 2019
    Oxford Assess and Progress

    Cover for 9780198862550

    Oxford Assess and Progress: Clinical Specialties

    Fourth Edition


    Luci Etheridge, Henry Collier, Alex Bonner

    13 May 2021
    Oxford Assess and Progress

    Cover for 9780199696420

    Oxford Assess and Progress: Clinical Surgery


    Neil Borley, Frank Smith, Paul McGovern, Bernadette Pereira, Oliver Old, Katharine Boursicot, David Sales

    10 April 2014
    Oxford Assess and Progress

    Cover for 9780199599530

    Oxford Assess and Progress: Emergency Medicine


    Pawan Gupta

    25 August 2011
    Oxford Assess and Progress

    Cover for 9780199605071

    Oxford Assess and Progress: Medical Sciences


    Jade Chow, John Patterson, Kathy Boursicot, David Sales

    05 April 2012
    Oxford Assess and Progress

    Cover for 9780199665662

    Oxford Assess and Progress: Psychiatry


    Gil Myers, Melissa Gardner, Katharine Boursicot, David Sales

    22 May 2014
    Oxford Assess and Progress

    Cover for 9780192843401

    Oxford Assess and Progress: Situational Judgement Test

    Fourth Edition


    David Metcalfe, Harveer Dev

    05 July 2022
    Oxford Assess and Progress

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