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Recent developments in the field of numerical analysis have radically changed the nature of the subject. Firstly, the increasing power and availability of computer workstations has allowed the widespread feasibility of complex numerical computations, and the demands of mathematical modelling are expanding at a corresponding rate. In addition to this, the mathematical theory of numerical mathematics itself is growing in sophistication, and numerical analysis now generates research into relatively abstract mathematics. Oxford University Press had an established series Monographs In Numerical Analysis, including Wilkinson's celebrated treatise The Algebraic Eigenvalue Problem. In the face of the developments in the field this was relaunched as the Numerical Mathematics And Scientific Computation series. As its name suggests, the series now aims to cover the broad subject area concerned with theoretical and computational aspects of modern numerical mathematics. Oxford University Press welcomes enquiries from prospective authors. We ask authors to send in proposals in detailed form which should include the following: a statement of the objectives and scope of the book; the intended readership; some notes about how the book relates to existing texts; an estimate of the intended length; a list of chapter headings; and, if possible, one or two draft chapters. Standard project proposal forms are available on request from the address below. University of Warwick Professor A.M. Stuart and University of Oxford Professor E. Süli

G.H. Golub, K.W. Morton, R. Jeltsch, W.A. Light, and E. S üli

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Numerical Mathematics and Scientific Computation

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Numerical Mathematics and Scientific Computation

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Numerical Mathematics and Scientific Computation

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Numerical Mathematics and Scientific Computation

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