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Musica Dei donum is a performing series that unearths the hidden gems of the Renaissance choral repertoire. The works are presented in practical format, with clear, clean modern notation that is authentic to the original manuscripts while at the same time offering performance suggestions for those who wish to consider them. The accompanying notes are by pre-eminent performers and performance scholars in the field of early music. Music Dei donum features works that are closely associated with prominent early music ensembles. Every piece includes an introduction to the work and its composer; it ties together historical context and performance issues. Each edition includes a new parallel Latin-English text translation specially commissioned from Jeremy White.

"It is difficult to praise too highly the Musica Dei donum series from OUP. Series editors Sally Dunkley and Francis Steele are pre-eminent performers, sensitive editors, informative writers, and above all, music lovers who demonstrably adore the soundworld of the renaissance, as a glance at any one of the eight currently available titles will show . . . MDD is remarkable, not just for the clarity and legibility of its layout, but for the care with which the performer is steered through a contextual journey of each piece. ." - Jeremy Summerly, Choir & Organ September 2011

"To choirs with a serious interest in polyphonic music of the Gold Age, the volumes of this enterprising series will indeed be a 'Gift from God' . . . Singing such music in a resonant acoustic can be utterly exilharating." - The Organ, March 08

"Such publications are better if prepared by experts with knowledgeable specialists in mind. Better still if they include background texts, translations and are easy to read and use. And irresistible if well produced and attractively priced. A new series of early music scores from Oxford University Press, Musica Dei Donum, meets all these criteria and others, making them a very welcome addition to early music lovers' bookshelves." -

"Series editors Sally Dunkley and Francis Steele - names familiar from the personnel lists in many a CD liner booklet - bring a wealth of scholarly and practical experience to this enterprising new imprint from OUP and the result . . . is an edition that combines academic probity with practical functionality and is useful for all kinds of contexts: amateur or professional; liturgical or concert performance . . . The outstanding innovation, however, is the inclusion of running translations . . . This is so excellent an idea that one wonders why it has not been universally applied before." - Rebecca Tavener, Choir & Organ, March 08

"In Francis Steele and Sally Dunkley's OUP editions we perhaps for the first time have a 21st-century take on the performance edition . . . this edition offers subtly phrased advice and helpful pointers while retaining a clear score that is a delight from which to sing . . . This is a superb edition edited sensitively and with great thought. I look forward to many more additions to the series." - Jonathan Wikeley, Music Teacher, August 08

"Aside from the fact that this series introduces fabulous pieces suitable for good choirs who have sung everything from The Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems and the other collections, this edition challenges good choirs to sing better, which can only be a good thing." - Jonathan Wikeley, Music Teacher, June 09

"OUP's small but high-minded Musica Dei donum series concentrates on Renaissance music, freshly and carefully edited from the original sources, with helpful (but not overwhelming) editorial and performance notes." - Journal of the Assocation of Anglican Musicians (US), May 2009

Series Editor(s):

Series Editor Sally Dunkley and Series Editor Francis Steele

Sally Dunkley was a student at Oxford University, where she sang with the pioneering group the Clerkes of Oxenford. Since then, her career as a professional consort singer has developed hand-in-hand with continuing in-depth study of the music as editor, writer, researcher, and teacher. She is a founder member of The Sixteen and sang with the Tallis Scholars.

Francis Steele studied at Magdalen College, Oxford then began a singing career spanning nearly three decades, during which Francis sang with and furnished editions for the foremost British ensembles.

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Cover for 9780193870055

Beatus et Sanctus and Sive vigilem

William Mundy, Francis Steele

27 September 2007
Musica Dei donum

Cover for 9780193804920

Descendi in hortum meum

Cipriano de Rore, Francis Steele

12 March 2009
Musica Dei donum

Cover for 9780199743278

In illo tempore: loquente Jesu

Nicolas Gombert, Francis Steele

10 February 2011
Musica Dei donum

Cover for 9780193375109

Laboravi in gemitu meo

Philippe Rogier, Sally Dunkley

10 February 2011
Musica Dei donum

Cover for 9780193804913


Robert White, Sally Dunkley

26 February 2009
Musica Dei donum

Cover for 9780193868168

Musica, Dei donum optimi

Orlando Lassus, Francis Steele

28 June 2007
Musica Dei donum

Cover for 9780193385566

Salve Regina

Diogo Dias Melgás, Sally Dunkley

03 January 2013
Musica Dei donum

Cover for 9780193868175

Super Flumina Babylonis and Quomodo Cantabimus

Philippe de Monte, William Byrd, Sally Dunkley

19 July 2007
Musica Dei donum

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