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The Lindahl Lectures are sponsored by Uppsala University and given every two years in honour of Erik Lindahl, a distinguished Swedish economist (1891-1960), Professor of Economics at Uppsala University 1942-1958. In 1986 Uppsala University established the lectures in honour of Lindahl's contributions to monetary theory and public finance. Previous lecturers include:

- 1987 Professor Dale W. Jorgenson: Tax Policy and U.S. Economic Growth
- 1989 Professor Anthony B. Atkinson: The Design of Taxation and Social Security
- 1991 Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz: The New Welfare Economics: Public Policy in the Presence of Asymmetric Information
- 1993 Professor Mervyn King: Financial Markets and Economic Policy
- 1996 Professor Agnar Sandmo: The Public Economics of the Environment
- 1999 Professor Peter A. Diamond: Social Security Reform
- 2002 Professor Timothy Besley: Principled Agents? Motivation and Incentives in Government
- 2004 Professor Edward L. Glaeser: The Economics of Cities
- 2008 Professor Richard Blundell: Evaluating Welfare Reforms
- 2010 Professor Ernst Fehr: rigins and Determinants of Human Preferences
- 2013 Professor Thomas PikettyL Inequality and Capitalism in the Long Run

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