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The Lipsey Lectures, delivered every two years, offer a forum for leading scholars to reflect upon their research. Lipsey lecturers, chosen from among professional economists approaching the height of their careers, will have recently made key contributions at the frontier of any field of theoretical or applied economics. The emphasis is on novelty, originality and relevance to an understanding of the modern world. It is expected, therefore, that each volume in the series will become a core source for graduate students and an inspiration for further research.

The lecture series is named after Richard G. Lipsey, the founding professor of economics at the University of Essex. Professor Lipsey instilled at Essex a commitment to explore challenging issues in applied economics, grounded in formal economic theory, the predictions of which were to be subjected to rigorous testing, thereby illuminating important policy debates. This approach remains central to economic research at Essex and an inspi

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A Game-Theoretic Perspective on Coalition Formation


Debraj Ray

30 January 2008
Lipsey Lectures

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Analogies and Theories

Formal Models of Reasoning


Itzhak Gilboa, Larry Samuelson, and David Schmeidler

14 July 2015
Lipsey Lectures

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