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Law and Literature aims to publish exciting new work that richly connects legal ideas to literary and cultural history, texts, and artifacts. The series showcases innovative, interdisciplinary books that engage with legal and literary forms, concepts, methods, dispositions, and media, and is open to a wide range of historical periods, literary genres, legal doctrine and theory, and transnational subjects.

Books published in Law and Literature will provide powerful legal and literary analysis, methodological sophistication, and engaging prose, as well as theoretically and historically informed work that uncovers relations among legal methods and logics in conjunction with the literary imagination. The series editors seek innovative and interdisciplinary studies of every kind, including but not limited to work that examines race, ethnicity, gender, national identity, criminal and civil law, legal procedure and methods, digital media, intellectual property, economic markets, and corporate power, while also foregrounding current interpretive methods in the humanities, using these methods as dynamic tools that are themselves subject to scrutiny. In this way, law in its concrete facticity and historicity will be illuminated by means of literary and cultural methodologies, and those methodologies will in turn receive new vitality from their encounter with the languages and logics of the law.

Law and Literature aspires to the best original scholarship, imaginatively executed, adroitly argued, and cogently presented - books that will reignite the various communities of law-literature studies in vigorous and provocative ways.

Robert Spoo, University of Tulsa and Simon Stern, University of Toronto

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Cover for 9780198831976

Characters Before Copyright

The Rise and Regulation of Fan Fiction in Eighteenth-Century Germany


Matthew H. Birkhold

25 June 2019
Law and Literature

Cover for 9780198861430

Custom, Common Law, and the Constitution of English Renaissance Literature


Stephanie Elsky

16 October 2020
Law and Literature

Cover for 9780192856869

From Law and Literature to Legality and Affect


Greta Olson

28 October 2022
Law and Literature

Cover for 9780192848772

Judicial Uses of Images

Vision in Decision


Peter Goodrich

17 November 2023
Law and Literature

Cover for 9780192898494

Law as Performance

Theatricality, Spectatorship, and the Making of Law in Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern Europe


Julie Stone Peters

12 October 2022
Law and Literature

Cover for 9780192846150

Libel and Lampoon

Satire in the Courts, 1670-1792


Andrew Benjamin Bricker

10 May 2022
Law and Literature

Cover for 9780198840909

Metaphors of Confinement

The Prison in Fact, Fiction, and Fantasy


Monika Fludernik

13 October 2019
Law and Literature

Cover for 9780198868873

Modernism and the Meaning of Corporate Persons


Lisa Siraganian

19 January 2021
Law and Literature

Cover for 9780192884671

Modernism and the Meaning of Corporate Persons


Lisa Siraganian

01 March 2023
Law and Literature

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