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Global governance involves the exercise of power, beyond a single state, to influence behaviour, to generate resources, or to allocate authority. Regulatory structures, and law of all kinds, increasingly shape the nature, use, and effects of such power. These dynamic processes of ordering and governance blend the extra-national with the national, the public with the private, the political and economic with the social and cultural. Issues of effectiveness, justice, voice, and inequality in these processes are growing in importance.
This series features exceptional works of original research and theory-both sector specific and conceptual-that carry forward the serious understanding and evaluation of these processes of global governance and the role of law and institutions within them. Contributions from all disciplines are welcomed. The series aims especially to deepen scholarship and thinking in international law, international politics, comparative law and politics, and public and private global re

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The Rise of China and International Law

Taking Chinese Exceptionalism Seriously


Congyan Cai

08 October 2019
Law and Global Governance

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