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A series of compact books on American citizens' rights, written by some of America's leading legal authorities. Provocative and informative, the works will reinvigorate citizens' understanding of America's unique legacy of liberty. In the best tradition of civic education, these works are also intended to encourage the kind of widespread critical engagement with our fundamental principles that a thriving democracy depends on. If "we the people" are truly to be self-governing, we must understand our rights, both the privileges they convey and the duties they entail. Each book will be a short, analytically sharp exploration of the rights of US citizenship: clarifying the nature of these rights, saying something new about them, and forcing us to think anew about these fundamental canons of our society. Intended for general readers, these titles would also be ideal for courses such as Introduction American Government and Politics and Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

Geoffrey R. Stone (Professor of Law, University of Chicago)

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Cosmic Constitutional Theory

Why Americans Are Losing Their Inalienable Right to Self-Governance


J. Harvie Wilkinson

12 March 2012
Inalienable Rights

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More Essential than Ever

The Fourth Amendment in the Twenty First Century


Stephen J. Schulhofer

06 August 2012
Inalienable Rights

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On Constitutional Disobedience


Louis Michael Seidman

31 January 2013
Inalienable Rights

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