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In accessible and friendly guides, drawing on philosophy from the ancient world through modern times, this series highlights some of the transformative ideas that philosophers have had about the good life, and the practices and ways of life that help us to pursue it. Books in the series offer philosophical guidance about how to approach the sort of everyday questions that make up the texture of our lives: What should we value in life? How can we be good to one another? How should we spend our time? How can we focus in a chaotic world? How should we think about death? How can we mend broken relationships? What does it mean to succeed in life? How should we treat our planet?

Above all, the series is dedicated to the idea that philosophy can be, as it was for hundreds of years in the ancient world, a way of life. It can enhance the ways of life we already feel pulled toward, and help us to engage with them more authentically and fully.

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Choosing Freedom

A Kantian Guide to Life


Karen Stohr

01 February 2022
Guides to the Good Life

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Growing Moral

A Confucian Guide to Life


Stephen C. Angle

15 April 2022
Guides to the Good Life

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Living for Pleasure

An Epicurean Guide to Life


Emily A. Austin

01 November 2022
Guides to the Good Life

Cover for 9780190913656

On Being and Becoming

An Existentialist Approach to Life


Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei

09 November 2020
Guides to the Good Life

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Seeing Clearly

A Buddhist Guide to Life


Nicolas Bommarito

01 July 2020
Guides to the Good Life

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