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Following a long period in which medieval thinking was thought to be of only antiquarian interest, we are now witnessing its revival as a contemporary voice - one to converse with, one from which we might learn. The Great Medieval Thinkers series reflects and is part of this exciting revival. Written by a distinguished team of experts, it aims to provide substantial introductions to a range of medieval authors. And it does so on the assumption that they are as worth reading today as they were when they wrote.
The series concentrates on medieval philosophers and theologians and offers solid overviews of their lives and thought, coupled with contemporary reflection on what they had to say. Taken individually, books in the series provide valuable treatments of single thinkers, many of whom are not currently covered by any comparable books. Taken together, they constitute a rich and distinguished history and discussion of medieval philosophy and theology considered as a whole.

General Editor: Brian Davies

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Peter Lombard


Philipp W. Rosemann

01 April 2004
Great Medieval Thinkers

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