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  • Globetrotters for wind

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  • 12 toe-tapping pieces for the young wind player
  • Range of styles including bossa nova, blues, Cajun, Greek, West African
  • Fascinating background information and tailored warm-ups for every piece
  • Includes accompaniments for a teacher or more experienced pupil
  • Enhanced CD containing PDF piano parts for printing, along with recorded performances and play-along tracks for every piece.

    Globetrotters is a unique series introducing a kaleidoscope of musical styles and traditions from every side of the globe, from Arabic to Chinese and from klezmer to the Argentinian tango. There's a range of accompaniment option to choose from - for a duet partner on the same instrument, piano, or guitar. The CD includes performances and play-along tracks recorded by renowned world-music artists.

    Ros Stephen

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