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These volumes are the result of a collaboration between OUP and the Business History Society of Japan to publish the "Fuji Conference Series" under the general editorship of Professor Akira Kuo. The series itself has been established for more than twenty years and is a major international forum for scholars from Asia, Uerope, and North America. Books in the series were formerly published by the University of Tokyo Press.

General Editor: Profesor Akira Kudo, Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo and Series Advisor: Professor Mark Mason, Yale University

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Beyond the Firm

Business Groups in International and Historical Perspective


Takao Shiba and Masahiro Shimotani

12 June 1997
Fuji Business History

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Coping with Crisis

International Financial Institutions in the Interwar Period


Makoto Kasuya

10 April 2003
Fuji Business History

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Entrepreneurship and Organization

The Role of the Entrepreneur in Organizational Innovation


Michael J. Lynskey and Seiichiro Yonekura

23 May 2002
Fuji Business History

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Small Firms, Large Concerns

The Development of Small Business in Comparative Perspective


Konosuke Odaka and Minoru Sawai

10 June 1999
Fuji Business History

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