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OUP's choral publishing is admired worldwide and includes an impressive collection of anthologies for every type of choir. These volumes include the vital standard repertoire plus less well-known works, and have become indispensible to choral singers worldwide.

Few, if any, would question the importance of Carols for Choirs in setting the agenda for Christmas services and carol concerts in the decades since. Its mix of traditional favourites, arrangements and new compositions mostly sourced from the UK but encompassing Europe, America and beyond has been the benchmark ever since. Matthew Greenall, The Singer, October 2011

When Carols for Choirs hit the shelves 48 years ago, it satisfied the hunger of the time-pressed professional and amateur choirmaster, providing a one-stop resource for a colourful and imaginative carol service. BBC Music Magazine, December 09

Several years ago John Rutter told me he was surprised that nobody had yet created a compendium of carols and original Christmas music to rival the long-lived Carols for Choirs volumes. There are many good reasons why those books have stood time's test, their joyful qualities, musical polish and accessibility not least among them. Choir & Organ, September 2009

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