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"It is extremely exciting and a great privilege to work on the journals and books that the European Society of Cardiology publish with Oxford University Press. From basic and applied scientific research through to practical clinical applications at the bedside, I cannot think of a more varied spread of material that is truly at the cutting edge of clinical practice and that really affects people's lives." - Helen Liepman, Senior Publisher

The European Society of Cardiology publications are key reference works for training and accreditation in cardiovascular medicine and related specialities. Every book contains much of the evidence base of the subject, and reflects ESC guidelines, the educational syllabus, task force reports, and the scientific statements that guide current practice.

Digital excellence at the heart of cardiology
Most of the ESC books are available as print and online packages, with free access to the full text, images, and extra multimedia on Oxford Medicine Online.

They are also available in an online-only access option.

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