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The new authoritative edition of The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham is being prepared by the Bentham Project, in the Faculty of Laws, University College London. Despite Benthams historical importance and continuing philosophical relevance, scholars have hitherto had to rely on an inadequate edition of his writings published in 1843. The new edition is based on printed texts published by Bentham himself during his lifetime, and on his unpublished papers deposited in UCL Library and the British Library. The volumes are fully annotated, and contain an editorial introduction and detailed indexes. The Bentham Project also hosts Transcribe Bentham, the award-winning scholarly crowdsourcing initiative.

Oxford University Press is proud to be associated with The Bentham Project who continue to edit Bentham's vast collection of writing.

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Writings on Political Economy

Volume II


Jeremy Bentham

04 June 2019
The Collected Works of Jeremy Bentham

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