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Critical Conjunctures in Music and Sound offers a space from which to engage urgent questions currently animating the humanities from the perspectives of music, sound, and listening. Tied together by a common epistemological attitude, the books in this series reconstitute the place of scholarship in response to a world rapidly transforming under economic and technological integration, on the one hand, and political and social disintegration, on the other. Authors articulate new musical and sonic relations to the composition of the political, the social, and the economic, while developing new ways to analyze music's ever-shifting associations with aurality, human/non-human divides, materiality, nature, and ontology. These relations and associations in turn provoke new questions about the past, and a reassessment of our historical and ethnographic priorities-both empirical and speculative. The series urges philosophical and theoretical critique to mediate and question the relationship of music studies to other forms of knowledge production. What it proposes, therefore, is, a form of conjunctural analysis that does not foreclose in advance how sound, music, and other forces are or have been articulated together. "Conjuncture" captures the immediate and mobile sets of circumstances determining the present, which authors engage by challenging theoretical categories and forms from a variety of disciplinary, historical, or geographical homes.

Editors: Jairo Moreno and Gavin Steingo

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Composing the World

Harmony in the Medieval Platonic Cosmos


Andrew Hicks

06 January 2017
Critical Conjunctures in Music and Sound

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Music and Belonging Between Revolution and Restoration


Naomi Waltham-Smith

19 July 2017
Critical Conjunctures in Music and Sound

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The Musical Gift

Sonic Generosity in Post-War Sri Lanka


Jim Sykes

28 September 2018
Critical Conjunctures in Music and Sound

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