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Also available: Concentrate Questions & Answers. Practise technique > boost your confidence > achieve success.

Concentrate and achieve your potential.

Packed with essential information, key cases, revision tips, exam Q&As, and more, Concentrates are the essential study and revision guides for law students looking for extra marks.

Resulting from close collaboration with law students and examiners, Concentrate guides complement your courses perfectly. We work closely with law students on every aspect of the series, from the covers to the features, from the text design to the content, to make your revision guides work for you.

Concentrates are:
-written by experts, and cover all the key topics so you can approach your exams with confidence
- clear, concise, and easy to use, helping you get the most out of your revision
- full of learning features and tips to show you how best to impress your examiner
- revision guides you can rely on; trusted by lecturers, loved by students

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