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The Clarendon Lectures in Management Studies: Disruptive Innovation and Growth - 10-12 June 2013

Professor Clayton Christensen, Harvard Business School

Lecture One: A microeconomic theory of macroeconomic prosperity and decline - Monday 10 June, 5.30 p.m.
This lecture will propose a new theory of economic growth: disruptive innovation. It will propose the conditions that must exist in order for disruptive innovation to take root. The lecture will posit why most nations in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East historically have not been able to launch disruptive industries and therefore are mired in poverty, and explore what changes might be initiated to facilitate disruption in these nations. Finally, we will examine the role that financial institutions play in causing macroeconomic growth to start and to stop.

Lecture Two: Critical managerial decisions that most executives never make - Tuesday 11 June, 5.30 p.m.
The second lecture asserts that a reason why most companies follow a cycle of growth, maturity and decline is that a set of decisions that managers might make to extend the longevity and prosperity of companies are never decided. Indeed, most managers are unaware that these critical decisions exist and actually can be made. These decisions include the metric by which profitability will be measured; the focus of the company; the mechanism that initiates investment; and the inherent rhythm of most companies' operations.

Lecture Three: What is management theory, and how might it be used? - Wednesday 12 June, 5.30 p.m.
In the final lecture we will explore the role that theory (or the lack thereof) might influence managerial action. We will examine the negative role that data and analytics have had in constraining corporate growth; and discuss the lunacy of business faculty research that minimizes the impact that the Academy has on how business managers think and what they do.

All lectures will start at 5.30pm at the Said Business School, Oxford. The first lecture will be followed by a drinks reception. All lectures are open to the public and admission is free.

For more information, contact: Michael Burt, Oxford University Press ( or Tiffany Franklin, Said Business School (

The Clarendon Lectures in Management Studies are jointly organized by Oxford University Press and the Saïd Business School. Every year a leading international academic is invited to give a series of lectures on a topic related to management education and research, broadly defined. The lectures form the basis of a book subsequently published by Oxford University Press.

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